Tuesday, January 11, 2011

new class,new lecturer :)

10 january 2011,
today was awful.maybe im a lil bit of nervous.Yes,i am.hahaha My bel lecturer told me and the rest classmates to present about the assignments that were given last week.the first group that came out were the mia's group.(actually,yue , alynn , mira n me had to separate laa coz the lect wanted only 3 mmbers in the group) hehe..after mia's group done,that was our turn.my group members (including amir n yue la ) had to present our group assignment.after that it continues with other group.Guess what,our new lect 4 this new semester was totally strict ! it was very different with our lect last semester.ouh Sir..we all gonna missing you .hihi.. p/s : (entry blog in english okay arini ? hahahahah.. please speak in english . HAHA )

so mcm tu la cite nyeee kat lam klas Bel kelmarin.huk3....

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